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Imagine Majesty™

Imagine Majesty™ is a theme agnostic 4X system for 2 to 6 players. With 3 game modes and infinite possibilities to create your own scenarios there is something for everyone. Whether you're in the mood to cooperatively hold back waves of enemies with friends, competitively team up to achieve objectives against opponents, or conquer a 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) style war campaign, Imagine Majesty™ has a place at your table! Launch/release announcements will be available on this website, on IMP's social media feeds, or subscribe to our email list to be notified directly.

Imagine Majesty™ News

Gen Con 2019 play tests!

We're excited that everyone LOVED the customization available for units. It was awesome to see what testers were coming up with. We've updated the campaign mode with all of your feedback in mind so far and working hard to get invasion and skirmish to its best version based on your feedback. Based on all of the great feedback we're pushing to launch by end of year if all goes smoothly, maybe early 2020. Keep an eye out for play test copies as we wrap everyting up!

Subscribe to our Emailing List!

We’ve updated our website to allow you to subscribe to new updates on the Imagine Majesty project. This way you can be notified directly instead of hoping you catch it on the website or social media for the launch.

Play tester survey!

We’ve updated our post play survey and all too often forget about it in the heat of the moment. If you’ve recently playtested the game then please fill it out by clicking the title. THANK YOU!

Core Con 2018 play tests!

Core Con was another great time playing games with new and old friends! Feedback was very positive especially to AlienTan’s leader illustrations! We’re happy new people tried and enjoyed Invasion.

Fargo Game Fest 2018 play tests!

Fargo Game Fest was the first convention people came to us, which is new. The game is starting to look like a real game, so we're grateful for everyone that played and happy people had fun with Invasion!

Component designs printed for experiments!

Sammi wrapped up major components to test. They're largely experimental to see what direction to go on for a few components. Even though we'll be missing some quality of life components we're looking forward to see what you think at Fargo Game Fest!

Iconography finished!

Sammi finished the iconography. Now we're working on component designs.

Illustrations finished!

The magnificant leader illustrations have been completed. It's a major milestone for the game and we're excited to see how far we've come on the project!

Functional prototype printed!

A functional prototype of Imagine Majesty™ has been printed. It won't be an example of the quality or finishes to expect with the actual release but it has the functional components to play and refine mechanics with.

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About Imagine Majesty™


Davin has been playing war games (on the table and on the computer) since he was 8 years old and loves playing RTS games even though he isn't very good at them. These games are a ton of fun! The thing is when playing those games you pick a faction that has a play style closest to the one you want to play, assuming someone hasn’t already picked it. You play strategies to minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths but you cannot truly adapt the faction. Your infantry is always the same infantry, perhaps with upgrades, but still the same. You’re often fighting the mirror copy of your units too. Then when you’re not fighting mirror copies of your units the factions have an ingrained rock-paper-scissors mechanic that make it very difficult to lose or too easy to win. Then there are various win conditions but your faction is only good at maybe two of them, if you’re lucky. If we were the commanders, kings, generals, and warlords we’re depicted as in the game wouldn’t we address these issues? The ability to adapt is the core of Imagine Majesty™.

The adaptations result in a true war of wits with a metagame based on the preferences and tendencies of the players. Players find themselves shifting between stockpiling resources, building structures, technological developments, amassing an army, negotiating peace, acquiring prestige, or pillaging spoils that couldn’t be defended.

Since the game is theme agnostic players can setup the game based on history, exciting worlds, crossed universes, or made from scratch. A quick play scenario will be available to help players get straight to the action too. Most scenarios start players with a a few units and a foundation to their economy to grow from. Players will find many opportunities to roleplay as soldiers and diplomats alike to help flesh out their faction’s ideology and be further immersed in the worlds they play in.

Imagine Majesty’s invasions isolate combat and unit design into a cooperative game of fighting waves of enemies and The Big One! This mode is great for those that aren’t into war games or may feel overwhelmed by campaigns if they haven't played a war game before. Players master the basics of the game in a fun challenge that allow players to brainstorm and share design tips among one another to increase their chances of defeating the incoming waves and attaining their highest score. All while learning what units can do and tactical tricks that can be utilized in campaigns and skirmishes. Plus wave defense games are a ton of fun!

Imagine Majesty’s skirmishes are for war gamers that are all about tactical execution. Players design units with a point cap to their army and reinforcements. The various objectives can be combined to keep even masters on their toes. The theme agnosticism also helps you cross universes using your favorite figures, miniatures, and models to represent your units on the battlefield.

The game’s agnostic theming comes from Davin’s inability to choose between AlienTan’s great fantasy and sci-fi artwork. The gameplay worked well with both and allows for us all to prove which is better on the battlefield. The artwork is there to inspire the imaginations of those who are playing and we hope players share their creations with the Imagine Majesty™ community.

Meet the Team

Davin - Game Designer

Portrait of Davin.

Davin is a software engineer from North Dakota. He has been developing Imagine Majesty™ as a hobby project since 2014. He founded Imagine Majesty Productions, LLC for Imagine Majesty™ and other games he is developing. Games that inspired Imagine Majesty include: Axis and Allies, Civilization, D&D - specifically the D20 system's flexibility, Eclipse - New Dawn for the Galaxy, Total War Series, Warcraft 3 - especially the world editor, and Warhammer 40K.

AlienTan - Illustrator

Portrait of AlienTan.

Tan is a freelance artist from Malaysia. He has been working on Imagine Majesty™ since 2016 after getting in contact with Davin on Reddit. He has designed the illustrations for the leaders in the game. Click his title to see some of his amazing work.

Sammi - Graphic Designer

Portrait of Sammi.

Sammi is a freelance artist from Minnesota. She has been working on Imagine Majesty™ since 2017 after meeting Davin at Anime Fargo 2016. She has designed the iconography and components for the game. Click her title to check out “a sketch book thing”.

Chamber Six Media - Videography

Portrait of Chamber Six Media Logo.

Chamber Six Media is a partnership in North Dakota. They've been working on Imagine Majesty™ videos since 2018 after Davin reached out to Kevin Ackley, a friend passionate about film since 2004. They will help out with various videos including the game trailer for crowd funding and more. Click their title to check out their website.

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